Monday, October 22, 2007


2006*--It’s been a year of discontent in the world, five years after the attack on the World Trade Center. The President’s ratings have dropped steadily as the public became more and more aware of the misfortunes of war, disaster mismanagement, gas prices and moral issues.

Aside from all the foregoing, I want to clarify somewhat, how this effort has come together. Initially, it was to be a chronology of my life. As I recalled events and topics, I found myself following a particular thread far from its chronological beginnings. If music was the topic, it seemed easier to pursue that interest from the first memories to my present state of appreciation.

In other places in the narrative, my mind was recalling specific events and where they led. So in a sense, it has turned out to be an exercise in “stream of consciousness” writing. I trust the reader will not take me to task for the results. Sections of the work have been reviewed by friends in an effort to verify events. They have commented that some “warts and all” parts probably should be edited. Not an easy task and it begs the question, am I painting an undeservedly favorable portrait? Of course I am. Those who know me know what I'm omitting and nobody else should be concerned. After all, I'm not running for office. It always bothered me that other family members haven’t told their stories, (only Loren Jackson, to my knowledge) candidly so we and those who follow can get a better understanding of them as people, as parents, and as individuals.

*I started this memoir in 2006.

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